TieTalk 2018/19

Week 1

The first week of the new DDTTA season sees a number of changes. The league has been reduced to four divisions due to a reduction in the number of players and teams now have new names, although in general it is the same players in them, there are however with some new team combinations. Due to the restructuring many of the teams are in different divisions than expected from their league standings last year.

Last season�s Division 1 winners RAL went to down to Moreton A thanks to maximums from Charlie Lane and Todd Stanmore, although to be fair RAL did not have their strongest team out. Newly promoted Upton also found their first match back in the division a hard affair going down 10-0 to Marlborough Robins, despite some very close matches. Hopefully Upton will have learned from their last experience of Division 1 and will manage to get the wins they deserve. Despite only fielding two players Marlborough Eagles managed a draw with a strong Letcombe side with Darren Jones taking all three for Marlborough.

In Division 2 Marlborough Falcons started well with both the Jones boys (unrelated) taking maximums in their win over Abingdon A, a team that I think will struggle this year. Sandford also had a hard introduction to Division 2 going down 7-3 to Sutton Lynxes with Lucien Danaila taking a maximum with his funny rubbers. New team Grove got a very creditable draw with RAL Crusaders who are normally a strong side, although again they were missing their stronger players.

In Division 3 Letcombe B started well with a win over Drayton Dingos thanks to a maximum from Duncan Vale. Grove City also had a good start with a win over Abgindon Racketlon thanks to a maximum from Pete Ludlam. Young Jack Swindells also managed a maximum in his first outing in Division 3 in Moreton Mercurial�s win over Wallingford B. Bob Humphreys had a good start with a maximum for Marlborough Kestrels in their losing start as they went down 7-3 to RAL Dragons.

The first matches in Division 4 were all relatively one sided, but this is to be expected as players come back rusty from the summer break. Standout results there were Dave Sibberts�s maximum for Letcombe C against Abingdon C.


Div 1: Marlborough Robins 10 (N Richardson 3, R Powell 3, K Brooker 3), Upton Ultraviolets 0; Marlborough Eagles 5 (D Jones 3), Letcombe A 5; Moreton A 7 (C Lane 3, T Stanmore 3), RAL Avengers 3.

Div 2: Sutton Lynxes 7 (L Danaila 3), Sandford Improbaballs 3; Marlborough Falcons 8 (R Jones 3, R Jones 3), Abingdon A 2; RAL Crusaders 5, Grove United 5.

Div 3: Drayton Dingos 3, Letcombe B 7 (D Vale 3); Grove City 6 (P Ludlam 3), Abingdon Racketlon 4; Wallingford B 2, Moreton Mercurial 8 (J Swindells 3); RAL Dragons 7, Marlborough Kestrels 3 (B Humphreys 3).

Div 4: Letcombe C 8 (D Sibbert 3, T Prior 3), Abingdon C 2; Sandford Bees 3, Moreton D 7 (R Templeman 3, D Permogorov 3); Sandford Missfits 10 (L Harkin 3, M Graham 3, J Dennis 3), Moreton E 0.

by Owen Brazell

9th Oct 2018